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It ALL Matters!


Today woke my butt up!! And since we all want to share so that others learn and don’t make the same mistakes, I thought I would do a short blog.

So….how may have had days like this:

Friday was super busy at work, so busy that I forgot to grab breakfast. Pushed through my morning meetings, and thank goodness Viva Chicken was on site, so I grabbed a piece of roasted chicken, with plantains and rice. I literally swallowed everything whole because I was so hungry I felt chewing was over-rated. Got back on the daily grind, finished up…had an event to attend after work so on my way I grabbed a very small salad, scarfed that down and made my way to the event location. Post event…a glass of wine (it was Friday for goodness sake!), stopped at a friends house to catch up with her then home.

Once home, I did the normal ‘just home from work, play with the dog, open mail, yada yada’ stuff. Then went to bed.

Saturday’s schedule included a 10am strength training class followed by a 55 minute compu-trainer cycle class (Total Cyclist is the bomb-dot-com). Grabbed a smoothie on the way to my strength class, drank half of it, and pushed through a slew of weighted leg lifts, squats and other exercises that this crazy lady (I mean that as a term of endearment) had us doing. I left the Y, hopped in my car, wolfed down a KIND bar and headed to Total Cyclist.

15 minutes into that ride I felt like I was literally going to die. And realized that it wasn’t necessarily that the workout was that hard, but I was running my engine with absolutely NO FUEL!

So point of this blog? What you do now is what gets you to the finish line. Early on you are building the foundation that all of the training and racing will be done on. If a foundation is weak, the building will fall…right?! And that foundation doesnt just include the cement powder (hours of swimming, biking, running and strength training)…cement powder alone does nothing! But once you mix it with water (proper nutrition and hydration), it creates a material that can withstand most anything.

Bonking isn’t fun. So make sure that you are following a nutrition plan that properly fuels your body daily. An engine with no gas goes nowhere. And an engine that uses bad gas goes nowhere fast…and eventually will break.

Check out this article in Fitness Magazine about good, healthy options for pre and post workout:

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