About RYPE

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Our Mission: To inspire and train women of color to compete in triathlons

Our Vision: To create a community of women of color triathletes across the nation

RYPE is a network dedicated inspiring, educating and supporting women of color on their journey towards living a healthy lifestyle; with the catalyst being the sport of Triathlon. In 2003, a few months before turning the RYPE -ole age of 35, founder, Michelle Grady completed her first triathlon. The magnitude of the accomplishment was overwhelming, and provided such an amazing sense of empowerment that she had to share it with others. So RYPE was launched as a fun way to motivate women to stay on the healthy lifestyle track.

The obesity rate among our sistahs is alarming, and something has to be done to rectify this issue now! RYPE also recognizes that we are a “social” people; community and fellowship are important to our spirit. So the goal is to get fit by participating in cool multisport events, in cool places, with some really cool sistahs! Tri-ing is sexy!!

Get Hyped!! It’s time to get RYPE!

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