RYPE 2015 Event Schedule

cropped-black-background-logo1.jpgRYPE 2015 Season

We have some cool training clinics and programs this year! Join one, join all…designed to building to Ironman Augusta 70.3! Check out our calendar:

Winter – Charlotte RaceFest Half Marathon

Need to get back into the swing of things, but sometime the cold prevents you from wanting to focus on swimming and getting on that bike? Well here is a good 12 week training program to prime you for the rigors of triathlon training. We all know that running is the last discipline of a triathlon, and for a good percentage of us, the hardest. So let’s build a good base by training for a half marathon!!

Registration fee: $20
Registration link: Charlotte Racefest Training Registration
Registration deadline:

swim clinic
RYPE Back To Basics Swim Clinic

All of us need to brush up on our technique. As triathletes we need to ensure that our technique is on point. What we don’t want to do is expend a lot of energy during our swim, leaving us nothing for the ride and run. This 4 session (once a week) clinic will break down the swim to its basic movement, allowing us to build from that back to an efficient effort in the water.

Location: TBD
Clinic fee:
Registration link: Swim Clinic Registration
Registration deadline:
Max participants: 15

Spring Tri
Spring – Tri Latta/Tri Ballantyne

Ahhhh…triathlon season! Tri Latta is one of the most popular races in the Charlotte area. Race solo or as a team, this is one of the premier races of the season. This race includes and 750 meter open water swim in Mountain Island Lake, followed by a 17 mile nice ride through the Huntersville area, and then a 5K trail run. Not ready for open water? Well then hold off a few weeks and do Tri Ballantyne! This race includes a 300 yard pool swim, a 12.7 mile bike through lovely Ballantyne, followed by a 5k run. Both events are equally awesome!

Registration fee: $45
Registration opens:
Registration deadline:

Fall – Ironman August 70.3

Awesome race! We’ll end the season with a half ironman distance race that boast one of the fastest swim in the circuit! All this in preparation for Ironman Chattanooga in 2016! This 70.3 is a quick 1.2 mile swim in the Savannah River, followed by a 56 mile bike ride that will take you into South Carolina and back, and then one of the most spectator friendly 13.1 mile runs you will ever participate in! This is a 16 week training plan. This race is perfect for relay teams as well. Fast course!

Note: As a training race we are going to do Lake Logan Olympic distance in August. This is optional, but you don’t want to miss out on this fun weekend!

Training registration: $55
Registration opens: March-1-2015
Registration deadline: June-15-2015

Questions? Contact us at RURYPE@gmail.com

Training registration does not include race entry fees.

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