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It’s all about YOU!

Jennifer Wagner...YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE!!

Jennifer Wagner…YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE!!

Hey there RYPEness,

It’s amazing how fast triathlon season is coming to a close! Our team is working hard to get ready for Beach2Battleship 70.3, and everyone is super excited!

RYPE – Realizing YOUR Potential Everyday – is all about YOU! You as a woman of color looking to live a healthy lifestyle. You as a woman of color looking to be inspired by other women who look like you. You as a woman of color looking to be empowered by crossing the finish line of a triathlon. Therefore, we feel it is very important for you to hear team member testimonies. Periodically we will post feedback from our members, new and old, detailing their experience with Team RYPE.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Wagner earlier this year at the RYPE Informational held in February. Jennifer had never completed a triathlon and was rather hesitant to believe that she could. What I admired most about Jen was her tenacity…she accepted this challenge and never gave up! Jen was diligent about getting in the pool on her own, or taking a jog around the park as her son practiced with his baseball team or riding around her neighborhood. She stuck to it…and she crossed the finish line of Tri Ballantyne!!! I know she was overjoyed, but the feeling that all of Team RYPE had as we stood there with her was nothing short of amazingly beautiful.

Here is Jen’s story. Enjoy!!!

My 1st Triathlon

I have always been an active person; love to have fun, play games, and challenging myself by trying new things but never would I have imagined I would complete a triathlon (swim+bike+run= not me?). Never, however, is no longer in my vocabulary because I did complete a triathlon and with great pride can exclaim I am a TRIATHLETE (swim+bike+run=ME)!

My experience started with a meeting in February with Shelly Grady’s RYPE organization. As I’m listening to her and the woman in her group who have participated in triathlons, I was thinking there is no way I can do this especially since I had no swimming experience; I’d practice Yoga occasionally and started learning to run over the last year. As I listen to the schedule and goals, I’m was still convinced I could not complete such an extenuating task, but hearing the confidence of the other woman whom were triathletes really made me ask myself, why not just try?

With the first swim practice, I knew I had my work cut out for me but Shelly along with Alex (swim coach), taught me techniques and tools to be able to achieve a lifelong goal of becoming a swimmer.Through Shelly’s schedule of incorporating group bikes and runs, I was able to learn so much in pacing myself, understanding my body, and working thru tough moments when I wanted to stop. The patience and guidance shown from her and other RYPE members was beyond encouraging. The empowerment exudes from their energy in a way that makes one feel accomplished before they start.

My first triathlon was July 12 and I was a ball of nerves. I normally do not show this but Shelly could tell. Shelly along with the other RYPE members was there to cheer me on. As I awaited my moment to start, she was telling me to relax, to trust myself, and that I can do it…..I did it. I got in the pool and my nerves took over but I could hear my RYPE ladies telling me to relax and finish at my best, and I did. As I came up on the last quarter mile I could hear my run song “Happy” playing but more so, saw Shelly and my RYPE members cheering me on. I crossed the finish line with immense joy and achievement; this experience changed my outlook on everything for the better. At the finish line, I was embraced by my RYPE team as a triathlete; yes I am a triathlete!

To coach Shelly, I can’t begin to say thank you enough for this experience.



 Hyped 2b RYPE!!!