Monthly Archives: November 2014

Still flying high!

Last Saturday Team RYPE competed in the PPD Beach 2 Battleship Half Ironman Triathlon. It was an amazing experience!! I am not sure it would have been possible to have had better weather. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the high for the day reached about 75. It was GLORIOUS!

Team RYPE had 4 people competing in either category or age group and one relay team. Major kudos to the relay time who finished 8th in the relay group…they clocked a 5 hour, 40 minute 70.3 – WHOA! Also, we had three first time 70.3 distance FINISHERS…they are so awesome, RYPE is so proud of them!! When I say it was a great day, it was a great day!

I am looking forward to sharing the race reports from some of our newbies….the new experiences usually are the most entertaining and inspiring stories!

Hyped 2b RYPE!