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It’s time to be seen!!

Hey there RYPEness!

If you are anything like me, this time of year when it’s super hard to get a workout in. It’s dark in the morning, it’s dark once your work day is finished, and to top things off….IT’S COLD! Definitely presents challenges, but we all know that it’s no excuse not to get ‘er dun! November is National Running Safety month. It’s a fact we would rather not think about, however over 100,000 runners, walkers and cyclist are hit by cars annually. Therefore, as outdoor enthusiast we have to make sure we are doing everything in our power to be seen by the folks driving these machines that happen to be faster and bigger than we are.

Reflective gear, headlights and bright-colored clothing are “must haves” in your arsenal of winter training gear. Wearing light/bright-colored clothing will definitely help you be seen, but not always do the trick. I find that with bright-colored clothes, it helps more for me as a runner to see other people running…but not so much for those driving a car to see you. Headlamps and blinking lights definitely help motorist see you better, not to mention that they also help keep you safe from the sidewalk cracks and wet leaves that if taken the wrong way will definitely lead to a face plant….OUCH! But adding in reflective gear will significantly increase your chances that any motorist will notice that the image they see is a person moving, especially gear that has reflective elements in places that move (arms, legs, sides of torso).

Check out your local running store. There are TONS of reflective clothing options for you to chose from. Brands like Brooks, Adidas and 2XU all make items that help you be seen while out running in the “dark hours”. Check this out:


SUPER cute running gear from Adidas (you can cop both top and bottom at TrySports, comes in varying color options as well as long running tights: http://www.trysports.com/location/charlotte-sp) The bright colors around the wrist (which includes a thumb hole to help keep those wrist covered and warm), means that while you are running, that brightness is moving, thus helping others recognize you as a moving person, not a stationary object. Both the top and the bottoms are adorned with the Adidas stripes for added cuteness.  AHHH-HAAA!! No those stripes are NOT for just for cuteness. Check out what happens when we use a flash on the camera to simulate vehicle headlights hitting you as you move:

IMG_2447 IMG_2449_a IMG_2442

Those puppies light up! So now, as you jog down the road YOU WILL BE SEEN!! Sounds like the perfect combination right? Looking great and being safe as we continue to inspire women to TRI!

Hyped 2 RYPE!

Run RYPEness Run…

Hey there RYPEness,

You know…I have to stand back sometimes and laugh at myself. Ten years ago, you would have NEVER heard of me trying to encourage anyone to get out and run, because I hated doing it myself! You can ask some of my buddies from high school that I played basketball with about my attitude towards running and they will tell you about countless lies I told to get out of running sprints and stuff in practice! Despite the fact that I was actually pretty fast and my father encouraged it, I quit track cause the thought of running for hours during practice turned my stomach.

But…look at me now! At age 16 I wouldn’t run to save my life, but at 44 I am doing marathons. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!


A marathon finisher? Yep!

Did you know that doctors have long suspected that exercise can lift the mood and now regular exercise routines are being investigated in the context of patients with depression and anxiety? Exercise can help release endorphins and neurotransmitters that trigger positive feelings. It can also boost your confidence, take your mind off worries and lead to more social interaction if you go to a gym or come out and run with a group of really cool ladies who are getting RYPE!

Endurance events empower us, plain and simple.

So even if you are not going to accept my challenge of taking on a whole triathlon, why don’t you come out and join us for some weekly fun and easy runs? You will be amazed at how your body will react to the introduction of running, and even more amazed at how maintaining this regular routine will change your whole life for the better!
Hyped 2b RYPE!