Back on the Block

Realizing Your Potential Everyday!

Hey there RYPEness…
…it has been a long time!

You know how all of a sudden it seems that “life” just gets in the way of what you are supposed to be doing? How you allow yourself to get derailed because it seems that you are being overloaded with too much “life”. Well, I am hear to tell ya…you ain’t alone. There’s comfort in company, isn’t there?
So, if I could share some things that I’ve learned from my little “life” experiences, I would say this:

  • God never dishes out more than we can handle. Ever.
  • Your test is your testimony…for somebody, somewhere…regardless of if you realize it or not.
  • Challenges make us reassess and dig deep to keep it moving.
  • “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” is a very true statement, because we always come out wiser.

Remembering those little jewels doesn’t necessarily make the blows softer, but…

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One response to “Back on the Block

  1. You. Are. Awesome. Love following you & being inspired by you.
    We’ll be at TRI Ballentyne – racing as a family relay! Ha! I’m the swim leg, hubs is the bike & my beast-of-a-runner 8 yr old will do the run… 7 yr old is doing the kids event later that day! I’ll be looking for you and your team & will give ya a shout & plenty of cow bell!!

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