Trigger Point Ultimate 6 Kit

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So now that everyone is gung-ho and full-swing into their fitness resolutions, lets talk about trying to stay injury free (as to not derail any of our momentum!) Over the years we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of massage therapy. Massage Envy is popping up in every neighborhood and it seems that I see that little membership card hanging from tons of folk’s key chains. But what is it with massage and athletes? Why are we seeing more and more stories of pro athletes, like James Harrison of the Cincinnati Bengals (yep, had to throw that in there) having massage therapist on staff? Well…because it works.

The other day I participated in a training demonstration for a line of massage tools by Trigger Point. The rep went through a variety of uses for the product, only applying them to one side of our body. It was pretty amazing to feel the difference from one leg to the other after we were able to hit specific trigger points in our muscles, and how it unlocked mobility. For example, we took the smaller roller (the thing that looks like a little dumbbell) and placed it under our calf muscle. Using our other leg to apply pressure, we rolled our leg back and forth, rotated our foot and performed some other movements. The mobility difference between both legs was pretty evident. I am sold on the notion that these things work….and that they are necessary for us endurance athletes who are constantly taxing our muscles. Now….I will admit, this stuff don’t feel good. At all. As a matter of fact, quite a few of the “trigger point” movements downright hurt! But if these 5-10 minutes of discomfort can reduce my chances of injury, and even possibly increase my performance, then its totally worth it.

I do not profess to be an expert on this topic at all. I am just starting to wrap my arms around it. I really like it because its wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than monthly massages. The kit above cost $154.99…and that’s a pretty high tech kit. You can get a basic foam roller for $30. The thing about it, once you buy it you have it….BAM!, one time cost (as opposed to a recurring $59/month for a massage place membership). 

Check out this article that I read. I thought it did a really good job explaining why these rollers work and why you should invest.

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