Hey there RYPEness!!

It’s 2014 babeeeeee! The slate is clean, time to start anew? Everyone has probably jotted down their New Years Resolution, and gung-ho about getting it done. Ya know what? I HATE New Years Resolutions! Probably sounds crazy…but more often than not our resolutions end up being these lofty goals that get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are all looking for this magical feeling that’s going to overcome us and make us suddenly focus on these things that we were never able to accomplish before, or this brand new “you” to emerge from the dust that ushered out 2013 and delivered you into a new year. Well…those are the things that myths are made of. You can’t all of a sudden think that bad habits will just go away cause you make it part of a resolution. You also cant think that a “new you” is going to suddenly appear. We are, like it or not, unable to go get a NEW you.

So…let’s change our thinking. Let’s instead, love you for who you are…through and through…first and foremost. God created you, how dare you not like YOU!! Next, let’s approach these changes by NOT saying you are creating a new you, but instead saying that you are going to implement things to IMPROVE the amazing person that you already are. See how coming at it from that angel can relieve a lot of stress? It’s a major load to carry if you are walking around thinking that you are less than, not good enough, or simply not enough. You are…and you have things that you can work on to increase your greatness….JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

If it’s losing weight, eliminating debt or doing your first triathlon…write your goal down and then create a task list to move towards that goal. Once you create the task list, let that be your focus. Concentrating on the big picture can be totally overwhelming. So instead, if your goal is to do a triathlon, then focus on first finding a group that trains folks to do triathlons (like Realizing Your Potential Everyday) and sign up for their program. BAM! That’s a task crossed off of the list…and crossing that one task off will provide you with such a boost of energy and gratification that you are excited about moving on to task #2. Maintain those progressive baby steps and next thing you know you are crossing the finish line…without ever having derailed yourself because you got consumed with the big picture. Make sense?

2014 (just like EVERY YEAR) is your time to shine boo!! If I take a light bulb and rub it in mud and tar and other stuff that represent the stress that we put on ourselves, the concern about things you have no control over, and the inability to see beauty…once I plug that bulb into the lamp, its light will be dull and dark. Shake off the bullshit!! Wipe away regrets. Dust off loss. Scrub the mess and guess what? Your light shines bright for all to see! This is a line from one of my favorite poems and I think its something that EVERYONE should internalize daily: “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”

Now…lets develop our task list, and start removing the muck from our light bulbs. This IS your year…time to see the improved model! LETS GO GET IT!!


One response to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  1. Love this lady!!! Not triathlon ready but would like to train…can I get RYPE???

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