Hey there RYPEness!

Happy Holidays folks! Can you believe that Christmas is in just 5 days??!! Wow, the year has just blown past. That being said, we are right in the midst of the season of over-indulging, over-spending and just plain over-doing it! Its definitely fun times, but once January rolls around we are super stressed about the weight we’ve gained, the money we’ve spent and the fitness we’ve lost. So here are a few ways to manage that stress, and make moving into 2014 less stressful!

  1. Create a plan. Making a to-do list relieves the stress of having to remember everything, so write it down! Having a visual of what you need to get done not only helps you execute your tasks, but being able to cross things off the list creates a sense of accomplishment which is a good thing!
  2. Say “no” every now and then. I know its hard to decline your neighbors holiday drop in, or your coworkers Secret Santa gathering. But trying to fit everybody’s event into your schedule creates a level of stress that is not only physically unhealthy, but its mentally exhausting as well. Respectfully decline some events, people understand. Remember…they are overwhelmed with invitations too!
  3. Make sure to keep your workouts scheduled! Its soooooo super easy to let that 3 mile run, or your Body Pump class or your weekly yoga session slip through the cracks. Remember that exercise and movement relieves stress. So don’t compound the season by removing your stress reliever from the equation. GET IT IN! And feel better.
  4. Be charitable. Find some time to give back during this holiday season. We should all recognize how abundantly blessed we are and how there are so many that are not as fortunate. So giving your time and effort to a charitable need not only blesses the receivers, but provides you with super feel-good endorphins.
  5. Build a team. Now, this is my personal crutch. I feel that I don’t ever want to ask anyone for help…I want them to simply enjoy themselves. Well more often than not, your friends and family WANT to help. Denying them this opportunity not only makes them feel bad, but overloads your plate with things that need to get done. Let your kid help in the kitchen, accept that offer from your BFF to help you clean the dishes. EVERYONE comes out a winner!

BAM! There it is…the quick list for holiday stress-LESS! Try these things and I guarantee it will help!

RYPE wishes each of you a very safe, fun, healthy and HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!




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