Runners for Boston

Good morning RYPEness

Today I am going to one of our local run stores (Run For Your Life) and participating in “Runners for Boston” memorial run. “Runners for Boston” is a free, casual run that will take place all over the U.S. starting at 6:30PM tonight (April 22nd).  Runners are encouraged to wear the Boston Marathon’s signature blue and yellow colors, or any Boston Marathon apparel.

Last Monday was a horrible day in the US, and unfortunately one that is among too many that have occurred over the last year. We find ourselves living in a time that most of us never fathomed. It can, if you let it, paralyze you from fear of what could happen next. We cannot allow that to happen. We have to pay tribute to those who have been affected by these horrible acts by continuing to live our lives with joy and love in our hearts; prayerful that the abundance of these two things beaming from within us will choke out the few bad who do these evil things. We have to. The alternative is not an option.

I hope you can join in this run today. Find a group or go it alone….but just go. Be it a run or walk, at 6:30 tonight let’s run united for peace.


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