Daily Archives: March 11, 2013

You can’t get it if you don’t go for it!

Hey there RYPEness!

Everyone ready for an awesomely productive week?!! Did you know that how you start your week just very well might dictate the tone for your entire week? So, let’s all get off on the good foot, get those dream blueprints working, and those goal task lists checked off!!

All of us are striving to achieve something. This week it could be something as simple as finding the time to go to the gym, or something as major as launching your own business. Regardless of the end goal, the mentality should always be the same…..you have to go for what you want. Nike penned it best…”Just do it”. Three words so simple, yet incredibly profound. Realizing Your Potential Everyday means not only physically staying healthy, but mentally understanding that the power to achieve is contained right inside of YOU!

So as you progress through your days…and the obstacles start getting hurled at you, just remember that whatever it is you are striving for…you can’t achieve it if you don’t go for it. Your success is completely within YOUR power!! So give a beat-down to doubt, put a choke hold on fear, kick procrastination right square in the ass and DO THE DANG THANG! Your dreams are yours for the taking!

Have a RYPE week!