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What the….HAIR?


Hey there RYPEness!!

So….I think now is as good of time as any to talk about the ONE thing that drives us sistahs crazy when it comes to maintaining our fitness….OUR HAIR! Royal pain in the @$$!! And the worst thing about it is, there is no one answer that fixes all. This hair thing is such trial and error, depending on the wig on your head. Are you relaxed or natural? If you are natural, do you have tight coils or loose? Is your hair short or long? All of these factors play a major role in how easy, or majorly difficult, it is to maintain a pretty quaff. So let me tell you about my hair and what I do.

I have been natural since 1999, so I have definitely had time to play around with products and styles that best suit me. I have a rather tight coil….real live 4c going on right here!! Maintaining moisture in my hair is ALWAYS an issue, especially when swimming or cycling. Swimming…well that’s for obvious reasons: chlorine and a sistah’s hair are never good friends. Ever. Cycling wreaks havoc because more often than not, you wear a bandana under your helmet to catch your sweat. Well those bandanas not only catch sweat, but they soak up the moisture in your hair…leaving you with, well….just see exhibit A above. :-\

So what do I do? Well, if your hair has enough length to twist up, that can be your best friend. I have found that flat twisting my hair in 6-8 twist going straight back (Cleo style) is quick and easy and actually OK to rock out, especially if you have a little length in the back to pull it in a pony tail. After swimming, I will wash my hair with the twist still in making sure I squeeze the shampoo through and then rinse thoroughly. REMEMBER!…Chlorine is bad for our hair, and the only thing that will strip it is a clarifying shampoo. I use Paul Mitchell’s and really like it. However, after all of this stripping, we HAVE to put the moisture back in our hair…IMMEDIATELY! So after my wash, I will use one of the fabulous hair masks by Shea Moisture. I like them because they are good, relatively inexpensive, and now available in a store near you. When I rinse, I do not do so as thoroughly…leaving a little in the hair helps with your moisture retention. To finish up, I put a good amount of pure coconut oil in my hands and work it in, then finish with Taliah Waajid’s Curl Sealer. After my hair dries, I take it down and its actually pretty cute! That night, its pretty easy to just twist it back up again!

And that’s that!

It is definitely going to take some playing around with styles and products that best suits you…and sometimes you may want to throw in the towel! But ladies, when you think it about it…your hair is NOT a good reason NOT to be healthy. It just isn’t. A little effort up front results in major reward on the back end! You will have found how to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful…your body will be looking absolutely fabulous…but the most sexy thing will be how your soul reacts to what it see’s in the mirror! Then….WATCH OUT NAH!!

Hyped yet? Cause its time to get RYPE!!