Daily Archives: March 5, 2013

Ready to go shopping?

Ready to go shopping?.

Ready to go shopping?

Hey there RYPEness!

I have been peeping the weather forecast and spring is on its way! What does that mean for us rain and cold adverse ladies? Its time to get out and pound the pavement…running away those inches, finding that inner happiness and rejuvenating our spiritual selves. Didn’t know running could do all that, huh? YES INDEED SISTAH!

But first things first….let’s take care of our feet. After all, they have to carry us on this journey towards a healthy lifestyle….and I don’t see them doing feet replacements as of yet in the medical community. 🙂 So take yourself shopping! Every city has a good running store and the professionals there understand the needs of your feet. Allow them to properly fit you, and know that getting fitted annually is actually a good thing. As we age, our bodies change and that can include your running gait. Whats that you ask? Your running gait cycle is split into five stages:

  • Stance: When your foot first strikes the running surface.
  • Loading: When your heel touches the running surface to the time your forefoot touches the running surface.
  • Mid-stance: Your heel starts to lift, and the forefoot flexes.
  • Toe off: Your foot leaves the running surface.
  • Swing: When your foot leaves the ground and touches again.

Each individual’s running gait can be likened to a fingerprint, and this footprint determines the best shoe for you. So make sure you get it checked out and get the right shoe for you! Also know that running shoes do NOT last forever so track your mileage. After 350-550 miles it’s time for a new pair. For runners who log 25 miles per week replace your shoes every three to four months.

Happy shopping! And let’s get hyped!…to be RYPE that is!